Questions you may have:


How much does it cost to book you?

This varies depending on location and date, all prices include travelling expenses. Message me for a quotation.


How do we pay you?

I ask for a £100.00 deposit up front, to confirm the booking, with the balance payable 14 days prior to the event.


How long do you sing for?

I will sing for 2 x 45 minute sets in total, I can tailor this to your specific needs and it can be split between the service and reception if required.


Can you perform a specific song of our choice? 

I am happy to perform a song of your choice, this is a popular request. I have a large repetoire, a lot of which is listed on this website and you are more than welcome to select any specific songs you'd like to hear on the day.


Do we need to feed you?

Light refreshments are very much appreciated especially if I have travelled far to reach you.


Any technical requirements?

I just need access to mains electricity to power the P.A. system.


Can you provide background music when you're not performing?

Yes, this can be easily done. Some people like to create their own playlist and connect to the PA system via their own iPad/Tablet etc.